Delta 9 Vape Juice

Delta 9 Vape Juice

Over the past couple of years, the vaping world has grown exponentially. Vapes have come with different extravagant setups like complicated rigs, coils, add-ons, and upgrades. As technology has improved, vapes themselves have simplified. The juice used to power your vapes, the aromatic liquids that calm your nerves and settle your mind, have evolved as well. And we are proud to bring you a curated collection of delta-9 vape juices that offer you all the cannabinoid’s benefits while staying within the legal bounds of the 2018 Farm Bill.


Because the world of weed is so new, many untested and unreliable brands exist on the market. These brands have yet to prove themselves with consistent, safe hemp-based products, leaving you in harm's way every time you go out on a limb to try their goods. At, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with brands and products we know, love, and trust. From delta-9 vape juice to gummies to cookies to disposable vapes, we have all the hemp-based products for any taste or tolerance. 


So, let’s find out what delta-9 vape juice is, what it does, how to use it, and which brand is best for you.

What is Delta 9 Vape Juice

Before we talk about what delta-9 vape juice is and what it isn’t, we need to get everyone up to speed on what delta-9 is and how it acts in the human body. The wild world of weed feels like it’s changing rapidly, so let’s get the basics down first. 


When you look at the raw hemp plant, you are seeing around 113 different cannabinoids. Once heated, these cannabinoids activate, converting from cannabinoids like CBDA and THCA to CBD and THC, respectively. When we talk about delta-9, we are talking about THC. There are many other cannabinoids along the THC molecular strain, like delta-8 and delta-10, but delta-9 is the most abundant in almost all strains of cannabis. When you inhale or ingest delta-9 THC, the molecules make their way into your bloodstream, where they swim to reach your endocannabinoid system. 


Discovered only recently, the endocannabinoid system appears to be the physiological bridge between the brain and body. This system is comprised of two parts, CB1, and CB2 receptors. Delta-9 THC (and all the other THC molecules) bind with the CB1 receptors located around the brain. When these receptors activate, delta-9 incites its classic euphoric, cerebral effects. 


Now, we move into what delta-9 vape juice is. When you have raw cannabis buds, you can extract the THC oil from them using a careful, solvent-based process. This process is fairly complicated and dangerous, so it might be wise to leave it to the professionals. With the THC oil in hand, companies then add different substances found in most vape juices like:

  • Vegetable glycerin

  • Propylene glycol

  • Hemp extract

  • Natural and artificial flavors


When cultivators combine and formulate these delta-9 vape juices, they do so with precision in mind. They aim to make the best flavors and most effective doses in each puff.

The Benefits of Delta 9 Vape Juice

So, why do people choose delta-9 vape juices? Well, first, they choose delta-9 vape juices because of all the benefits that come from delta-9. For thousands of years, mankind has been using delta-9 to treat a myriad of ailments like:


  • Anxiety

  • Minor aches and pains

  • Nausea 

  • Low appetite


While all the answers are still being investigated in the lab, delta-9’s effects seem to be as therapeutic as they are euphoric. And, when they’re delivered in the form of vape juice, they are even more effective. 


Now, what are the benefits of bottled vape juice? Vape Gods these days are really spoiled for choice. They can choose between different flavors, strengths, strains, and ingredients. They can also choose between smoking from their own device or a disposable. When you, a bonafide Vape God, choose a disposable vape, the fun runs out right when the vape dies or when it’s empty. But, when you buy bottled vape juice, you can conveniently refill your vape, so the fun keeps on coming.

How Delta 9 THC Vape Juice is Made

If you’re interested in making your own delta-9 THC vape juice, the process isn’t as clear-cut as some other outlets make it seem. First, you’ll need to decide how to grow your own cannabis––the problems begin at the outset when you have to choose between an indoor and an outdoor grow. An outdoor grow is easier but leaves your plant exposed to the elements, while an indoor grow allows for more autonomy over the plants but also much more patient, persistent attention.


Then, once your plants have weathered the harvest, you need to string them up in a dehumidifying room where they won’t dry out too quickly but won’t grow mold because it’s too humid. This part of the process takes a couple of weeks. Then, once the buds are nice and dry, you need to ready your workspace. Make sure there are no flammable materials and plenty of room for an extraction setup. You’ll need some pretty big machinery to safely handle the solvents in a confined, pressurized environment.


So, let’s pause here. We haven’t even gotten to the most challenging part: washing the solvents out of the oil. It’s safe to say making your own THC vape juice might not be the best path to enjoying all the riches of the cannabis world. For products like these, it’s best to trust the professionals.


So, once the professionals have formulated a safe and effective THC vape oil, which includes running it through a third-party independent lab, they add different flavorings and oils like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This allows the juice to vaporize when heated with a lithium battery found in all vapes.

How to Find the Best Delta 9 Vape Juice

So, how do you find the best vape juice for you? After considering which flavors you like and which ones you want an entire bottle of, you should consider how much delta-9 you’d like in your vape juice. All of the vape juices we offer are hemp-based and only carry the legal limit of THC, adhering to the 2018 Farm Bill. 


All of our vape juices, and every other product found on, are backed by third-party testing done at an ISO-certified laboratory. Though this is a legal requirement for all hemp-based products, many brands and companies cut corners and skip this step entirely, rolling the dice that their oil might lead to solvent exposure. 

Buy Delta 9 Vape Juice at!

When you buy from, you are buying added peace of mind because all of our products come from industry-trusted and lab-tested products. We are proud to give our customers the best products on the market, and we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for that’ll take you to your preferred elevation!


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