Delta 8 Vape

Delta 8 Vapes

When it comes to enjoying the wonderful, wild world of weed, vapes sit on every user’s Mt. Rushmore. Vapes are an easy, portable way to enjoy the hemp plant’s wide range of benefits. They come packed with cannabinoid-rich cannabis oil and emit a near-invisible vapor. But not all cannabinoids are equal. There’s a certain cannabinoid––one that rivals the established, iconic delta 9 THC. With its meteoric rise in popularity within the last few years, you may have already fallen in love with it. Yes, we’re talking about delta 8 THC. 


With the surge of interest in all things hemp and cannabis, delta 8 vapes have quickly become a crowd favorite among the cannabis community. But what makes them so special? Do they work just as well as the ever-popular delta 9 THC vapes? Do they have any drawbacks? Are they right for you? 


At, we have a curated collection of delta 8 vapes that are more than just dank––they’re utterly divine. So, let’s find one that best fits you and your delicious delta needs! 

What is Delta 8?

First, let’s answer any misconceptions about what delta 8 is, what it does, and how to enjoy it best. Cached inside every cannabis plant are molecules called cannabinoids. You might’ve heard of some, like CBD, CBN, and CBG. Another major cannabinoid is THC––the psychoactive substance found in cannabis. If a cannabis product touts THC, it will likely cause the iconic “high.” Along THC’s molecular chain, you’ll find delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10. In most cannabis strains, delta 9 is the most abundant on the THC molecular, but delta 8 is still there––playing a very minor role. 


In the past few years, cultivators have found ways to spotlight delta 8 in hemp plants. This has allowed them to formulate different psychotropic products with little to no delta 9 and a plethora of delta 8. Those who’ve tried delta 8 in the past know that delta 8’s euphoric effects feel weaker than delta 9. This is often preferred by those who want a milder buzz without a full-blown, third-eye-opening experience. 

What are Delta 8 Vapes

Once the cultivators have highlighted and extracted delta 8, they can formulate it into a vapeable oil. This oil can then be mixed with differing amounts of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) to make for different vaping experiences. Next, this delta 8 oil is placed inside either a disposable lithium-powered vape or a tiny glass cartridge. Many prefer delta 8 vapes because they provide near-instant effects while being easy to take on the go. They’re perfect for maintaining a good vibe wherever you travel!

How to Use Delta 8 Vapes

While many already use vapes daily, others might be new and need to learn how they work. First, determine if a button on the side activates your vape. If so, turn this button on and wait for the oil to preheat. Many vapes turn on when you inhale through the mouthpiece. When you inhale, you should feel vapor in your mouth and lungs. If you don’t, you might want to try to inhale harder. But be careful. You don’t want to take too much your first time. Next, store your vape right side up so the oil pools at the bottom. This will help keep the vape from clogging and the oil from hardening. 

Delta 8 Vapes vs. Delta 8 Carts

When buying a delta 8 vape, you might come across delta 8 cartridges. They are also on most enthusiasts' Mt. Rushmore of products. These are circular glass tubes filled with the same delta 8 oil found in vapes. Carts screw onto a lithium battery. This battery heats the oil and turns it into a vapor. Much like with vapes, you can take carts on the go. But because carts and lithium batteries are longer in length than disposables, they are a little more awkward to keep in a pocket or bag. Also, the glass tubes can easily chip or break in transit, making them almost unusable. 

Pros and Cons of D8 Vapes

Much like any other delta 8 product, delta 8 vapes come with their own pros and cons. These can either make or break your decision to hit ORDER NOW. So, before you shop, learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these go-to delta 8 delectables. 



  • Portable. Delta 8 vapes can easily fit in your pocket, bag, briefcase, frocket, or carry-on. They are perfect for taking the good times with you wherever you go!

  • Various flavor profiles. D8 vapes come in different flavors and strains, so you can pick one that best fits your taste and tolerance. 

  • Near-instant effects. When cannabinoids are inhaled, they enter the bloodstream much quicker than other forms of consumption, like edibles. So you can see euphoric results faster. 


  • The battery can die. Many D8 vapes aren’t rechargeable––excluding TRĒ House (more on that soon). This means the vape battery can die before you’ve enjoyed all of the oil. 

The Best Delta 8 Vapes

Who would we be if we declared all of D8’s greatness without giving you a couple of recommendations? The first thing you should do in your pursuit of the right D8 vape is to find a reliable, trustworthy brand. Since the world of alternative cannabinoids is so new, many companies are only here for a quick buck. They debut products that aren’t routinely tested and regulated.


But, at, we only offer products from businesses that test their products at ISO-certified laboratories. Below are three heavy hitters that will surely help any newcomer or veteran enjoy the decadence of delta 8. 

TRĒ House

Our first recommendation is known for their wonderful delta 8 vapes for a number of reasons. They’re delicious, they’re potent, and unlike some other vapes out there, they’re rechargeable! Within the past few years, TRĒ House has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best, most reliable cultivators of alternative cannabinoids on the market. They have a wide selection of delta 8 vapes, including live resin oil and other psychoactive cannabinoids like HHC and THC-O. They are perfect for users of any tolerance. 

Liquid Str8

A fan-favorite has always been Liquid Str8. They are well-known for their compact vape pens that boast various strains and flavors. Their pens come with one gram of oil and, like TRĒ House’s, are rechargeable. They are a go-to for wake ‘n bakers and nighttime enjoyers. 

Two Hawk Hemp Co.

As a rather newcomer to the space, Two Hawk Hemp Co. has quickly gained fame for their two-gram disposables. They hit smoothly and taste divine––oh, and the effects are pretty out of this world too!

Delta 8 THC Vape Customer Reviews

Before you buy, you might be interested in learning more about what users have to say. Many agree delta 8 vapes are great morning, noon, or night. They say it really all depends on the strain you choose. They also agree to look for vapes that are rechargeable so that you can enjoy the pen until its very last drop!

Buy Delta 8 Vapes at!

Interested in buying delta 8 vapes? We’ve got you covered! With our wide collection of high-quality delta 8 vapes, we have many that will surely fit your needs. At, you can skip the lines and get a delta 8 vape delivered straight to your door!


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