Delta 8 Syrup

Delta 8 Syrup

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur of the ganja or a relative newcomer, you might be looking to spice up your bake sessions. You might’ve tried the gummies, vapes, cookies, drinks, and tinctures. These goodies can get you feeling good, good, good. But you might’ve used them too often, and now they’ve lost their luster. Or, you might be interested in adding a different mode of ganja enjoyment into your arsenal. Whatever the reason, there’s a product all users must try. For some, it may turn into your next go-to product. For others, it may be the perfect break from the status quo. Let me introduce you to delta-8 syrups. 


Many are familiar with delta-8––the new star cannabinoid that exploded onto the mainstream. For those who’ve yet to try delta-8, you might not know of its patented euphoric effects––ones similar to its cannabinoid cousin, delta-9. For others, delta-8 might already be your cannabinoid of choice. But for most, you probably have yet to try delta-8’s sweet wonders in the form of syrup. Now, we’re not talking about the kind of syrup you drizzle on pancakes or a stack of waffles. This is the type of syrup that spices up drinks, flavors soda, and enhances cocktails. 


With the ever-evolving wild world of weed, it can feel daunting to hunt down the best delta-8 product for you. The plethora of options and a seemingly endless number of brands can overwhelm even the most seasoned user. So, we’ve curated a collection of delta-8 syrups that come to us from reliable, trusted brands known for making some pretty stellar products. Sit back, and let’s answer all your delta-8 queries. 

What is Delta 8 Syrup

To understand what delta-8 syrup is, we all must first be on the same page about what delta-8, the cannabinoid, is.


If you’ve enjoyed any full spectrum gummy or delta-9 infused cannabis, you’ve undoubtedly encountered delta-8. You just didn’t know it. You can find delta-8 in all types of cannabis strains, but it exists naturally in only a tiny amount. Usually, delta-8 is overshadowed by delta-9, the cannabinoid known for cannabis’s iconic psychoactive effects. Delta-8 and delta-9 both exist in the form of THC. THC makes up around half of the cannabis and hemp plant––the other half being CBD.


Inside your body, there’s a particular system uniquely equipped to process these cannabinoid molecules. It’s called your endocannabinoid system. Discovered in the mid-1990s, this system has been found to exist in all types of animals. This system consists of two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB2 receptors exist on periphery nerves and mainly affect your immune system, and CB1 receptors congregate around your brain’s neurons. These CB1 receptors naturally bind and activate your brain’s receptors. When THC binds to them, the neurons activate, inciting the plant’s classic euphoric effects. 


Because delta-8 is a form of THC, it too dances with the CB1 receptors, creating similar psychedelic effects––effects that many say aren’t quite as psychoactive as your standard delta-9 THC. Over the last few years, cultivators have isolated delta-8 molecules from hemp and created a THC oil with only delta-8––which follows the 2018 Farm Bill limitations. These expert cultivators then take this delta-8 oil and infuse it into deliciously tasting syrups to make delta-8 syrups. 

How to Use Delta 8 Syrup

Now that we know what delta-8 syrups are, how do you use them? Some may have experiences with drink additives; some may not even know where to begin. Adding delta-8 syrups to a drink is much like making your own cocktail, throwing in a splash of this and that to make a drink perfect for you. Instead of the buzz from alcohol, delta-8 syrup cocktails bring a more whimsical head-high. 


First, you should start with the base drink. A popular drink of choice is sparkling water or a lemon-lime soda. The carbonation mixed with the fruity sweetness from the syrups makes for an extraordinary explosion of flavor in your mouth. Next is the second most important step: choosing the delta-8 syrup for you. We have a collection of different flavors and potencies so that you can customize your delta-8 syrup experience to really the nth degree.


Then, you’ll measure out your preferred dose. Delta-8 syrups work like edibles because they must pass through your digestive tract to be absorbed and ushered into the bloodstream. So, if you know how many milligrams of delta-8 you need to feel groovy, measure that much out in syrup. But, if you’ve only had delta-9 edibles, you might want to go a little stronger since delta-8 is a weaker form of THC. If you are entirely new to the world of weed, stick to the recommended dose on the bottle.

Pros and Cons of Delta 8 THC Syrup

So, why should you choose delta-8 THC syrups over other forms of delta-8? 



  • Take a desired dose. For some, edibles are lovely. They’re a streamlined, simple way of enjoying the psychedelia that comes with delta-8. Just pop it back, chew, and let the euphoria come to you. But most edibles are dosed in variables of 5 milligrams. What do you do if one 10mg isn’t quite enough, but another 10mg gummy would send you uncomfortably over the moon? Syrups let you pour out your exact desired dose. Now, you can enjoy 12.5mg or 18.5mg or whatever your dose is. Syrups give you that freedom to dance between the milligrams that edibles overlap. 

  • Party with no hangover. When you think of cocktails, does an instant headache come to mind? Sure, cocktails are wonderful at the moment. They blur and stretch the club lights while giving you that jolt of liquid courage. But in the morning, that pounding headache and overall feeling of uneasiness that plagues all party-goers are less than ideal. Delta-8 syrups, however, don’t come with hangovers. You can simply go straight to bed, still grooving and vibing, to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. 

  • Concoct the drink of your dreams. Because most delta-8 syrups are made with fruity flavors, they allow for a world of imaginative drink concoctions. So, go ahead, dream big! Make a fruity, delicious drink that’ll have your friends surfing the cosmos––these delta-8 syrups will surely get you there!


  • Interesting viscosity & texture. Because these are syrups, they are a very thick liquid, which could be a put-off for some. If viscous textures are off-putting to you, this might not be your ideal delta-8 product.

The Best Delta 8 Syrup

Now, we can’t tell you all these good things about D8 syrups without giving you some trustworthy recommendations. Below are three companies known for their decadent D8 syrups. You can never go wrong with buying from one or all three! 

TRĒ House

With their array of psychotropic syrups, TRĒ House has earned a spot on our top shelf for their delicious dank syrups. Currently, their Bussin’ Berry is a top seller, as is their HHC Syrup: Purple Stuff. Try them out but be careful––these bad boys are potent!

Enjoy Hemp

Enjoy Hemp’s syrups are perfect for those who’d like to sip their cannabinoids. If you like a mild buzz without any type of hangover, Enjoy Hemp’s syrups are definitely for you!


Much like the other two, Eddie’s D8 syrups are thick and potent––and we mean both as the best compliments we can come up with! They are delicious and get the mind elevated. These are perfect for a wake ‘n bake, a chill nighttime sesh, or a midday pick-me-up. Definitely add these to your wishlist! 

Delta 8 Syrup Customer Reviews

Though they are new, delta-8 syrups have already been getting a sea of love of praise. Many say they take an hour or so to hit, but when they do, it’s pure euphoria from there. Others say they like their delta-8 syrups when mixed with other deltas or enhanced cannabinoids like THC-O and HHC because delta-8 alone has a more sedative effect than delta-9. Others say they drink the syrup straight out of the bottle. This isn’t advised. Monitor your doses. You don’t want to get too too elevated. 

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If you’re interested in delta-8 syrups, you’ve come to the right page. We have a specially curated collection of decadent delta-8 syrups that’ll make any party or night-in one to remember. So, go check out our collection! There is sure to be one that’s right for you!


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